Underwater Naturalist

Look closer on you next dive.

Discover how the underwater world works!

Have you ever wondered why some creatures behave the way they do and what their role is in the aquatic ecosystem? Then the PADI Underwater Naturalist Course is for you.

What you Learn :

  • The major aquatic life groupings, interactions and factual information that dispels negative myths.
  • The role of aquatic plants, food chains and predator prey relationships
  • Responsible interactions with aquatic life
  • The underwater naturalist’s view of organisms and their roles in the environment

If you are interested in becoming an underwater conservationist or documenting what you encounter, you’ll also enjoy these specialty courses:
AWARE Fish Identification  Coral Reef Conservation  Project AWARE Specialist  Digital Underwater Photography  Underwater Videographer

If you have any questions about the PADI Underwater Naturalist course or about joining us for some local diving, give us a call, post on our Facebook

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